Works made on residency during 2017 include video art pieces about the Anthropocene era and anthropogenic influences on our environment for my ongoing series of AnthropoScenes.

Scenes I & II were first exhibited at the SÍM Artists' Gallery in central Reykjavík, Iceland, November-December 2017.

AnthropoScene I : Breakdown

The traffic just seems to be getting worse and worse at Iceland's iceberg lagoon, Jökulsárlón.

1'39" (teaser for 4'20" gallery exhibition version) 4K single-channel, stereo audio.

Australian filmmaker & video artist Adam Sébire brings wry black humour to climate change’s visible effects at one of the fastest-retreating glaciers, Breiðamerkurjökull, in the Vatnajökull National Park: its famous procession of astonishingly beautiful carved ice is reimagined as a traffic jam of cinematic proportions.

Made during a residency at SÍM Reykjavík, November-December 2017.

AnthropoScene II : Prescience

The tideline on an island's black-sand beach is blown ever higher.

2'29" HD single-channel, stereo audio.

Composer Martin Franke & filmmaker / video artist Adam Sébire explore the Anthropocene's sea level rise in this work filmed with a UAV (drone) off remote Eastern Iceland. Reverse motion creates an eery prescience, mirroring today's scientific projections of tomorrow's ever rising high tide line.

Made during a residency at SÍM Reykjavík, November-December 2017. 
Video © 2017 Adam Sébire (AU)   
Music © 2017 Martin Franke (DE/NL)