Durations: Various.  Format: XDCAM EX uploaded to YouTube in HD.

Directed, edited and filmed by Adam Sébire for YouTube in November 2010.  Featuring Sydney Symphony Orchestra conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy, Berlin Philharmonic Members and others, the videos have been played almost 4 million times.


Vladimir Ashkenazy, the Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, invites you to vote for your favorite musicians shortlisted for the You Tube Symphony Orchestra. Voting is open between December 10 and 17, 2010. Play your part.
William Barton, one of Australia's finest traditional didgeridoo players and a leading didgeridoo player in the classical world, talks about his musical and educational influences.
Members of the Berlin Philharmonic along with Australian didgeridoo player William Barton remind you that the deadline to upload your YouTube Symphony Orchestra audition is Sunday, November 28 at 11:59:59 EST. What are you waiting for? Don't forget to submit your audition to http://www.youtube.com/symphony and you could win a free trip to play at the Sydney Opera House.
Voting is open for YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 from December 10 to December 17. William Barton and members of Berliner Philharmoniker and Sydney Symphony invite you to vote for who should play at Sydney Opera House! Go to http://youtube.com/symphony to play your part.