Adam is co-founder/director of the Vertical Film Festival in Katoomba in Australia's Blue Mountains.

Along with his sister Natasha, he created the Festival, the world's first competition for vertical video, as a platform for exploring cinematic undercurrents that make us think about how we frame the world.

More details and a short essay on the format may be found at the Festival's website:

Adam's 9:16 tallscreen video for the 2nd edition of the Festival, 21 May 2016 is below left, a vertical ode to the aurora borealis filmed in the Arctic during 2015.
The teaser for the 1st edition in October 2014 is below right.

Announcing the 2nd edition of the Vertical Film Festival (VFF), to be held in Katoomba in Australia's beautiful Blue Mountains in May 2016. Projecting on a spectacular portrait format screen we will showcase the latest & greatest tall-screen cinema from around the world — TALL SHORTS — as well as screen the finalists in our international competition for 9:16 short films, ⇧THIS WAY UP⇧.
The call for entries will be open from January to April 2016.
More details:
Vertical auora borealis video shot by Adam Sébire near Grøsnes in Arctic Norway.
Kalimba music licensed for the Festival from SaReGaMa:


Canyoning in the Blue Mountains' Tiger Snake Canyon one winter's day.

Cameras: Canon C100, 7D and GoPro Hero3 Camerapeople: Adam Sebire
Natasha Sebire
Editing: Adam Sebire
Music: SaReGaMa

Jean-Charles Granjon's Impact took out 1st prize in the competition section of 2nd Vertical Film Festival, Katoomba, Australia, 21 May 2016.