52 min documentary for SBS Television Australia.
Transmissions: Sunday 1 August 2004, Saturday 17 January 2004, Sunday 23 October 2005, 11:00am Sun 5 Apr 2009, 12 noon Sun 14 Feb 2010.

From fandangos to habañeras, from Falla's "Love, the Magician" to Sarasate's "Gyspy Airs", Spanish Music has always had deep multicultural roots. Despite attempts to stereotype it or to pin it down - by composers both Spanish and foreign - ultimately it's the diversity of past and present influences that make it so unique and recognisable. A journey through Spain, her history and music with the SBS Radio & Television Youth Orchestra. Filmed during the 20th Festival Internacional de Orquestas de Jóvenes in Murcia.

Directed, Edited & Filmed by Adam Sebire for SBS Youth Orchestra in 2003.