Part of the Roads to Nowhere exhibition.

Single-channel High Definition video.
Stereo audio. 16:9 screen ratio.
Music by Merlijn Twaalfhoven.
Dur:. 8’18”.  © Adam Sébire.

Featured as part of the Northern Spark arts festival's Latitudes: Artists from Six Continents Reflect on Earth’s Changing Environments. (USA, 2016, Curator: Tim Peterson) along with works by Hicham Berrada, Cao Fei, Diego Lamar, Rebeca Mendez & Michael Najjar.  (Photo, left by Max Haynes).

The wanderings of a herd of camels lost amidst the roundabouts of an abandoned desert ‘suburb’ in the UAE.

Below: The Workers (2012)
Part of the Roads to Nowhere exhibition.  Single-channel High Definition video, Mono audio.
9:16 screen ratio. Dur: approx. 6’00”, looped.  © Adam Sébire.

A dozen migrant labourers from the subcontinent — on whose back Dubai’s myth of endless growth is built — pause to return the viewer’s stare.